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Alston Lau (Chief Advisor) | LL.B, CLP, ChFC, RFC, RFP, CFP, AEPP, ICSP
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Join Rockwills Now | Recruitment Professional Wealth Consultant & Will Writer Consultant

We are authorized to deal with various forms of Estate Planning services, and specialize in giving advices to clients on a wide range of subjects to help them meeting their Life Planning goals.

We have the capacity and expertise to advise and provide comprehensive Life Planning solutions. We provide our clients with tailored advice based on their particular needs and objectives.

Our platform enables you to penetrate high network clientele and accelerate your business growth through various business strategies.

We welcome professionals, accountant, insurance agency leaders, financial planners, real estate agents, freelancers who are interested in setting up a professional services business to join us.

Through 21 years’ experience in estate planning, we established a one-stop solution platform to guide and coach our Professional Life Planners through the skills required to offer and receive clear, concise and precise Estate Planning advices.

  • Join Rockwills Now | Recruitment Professional Wealth Consultant
  • Join Rockwills Now | Recruitment Professional Wealth Consultant
  • Join Rockwills Now | Recruitment Professional Wealth Consultant

We are constantly looking for passionate, energetic and talented individuals who have ambitions to shine in life. As a member of our dynamic professional team, you are highly valued and will be groomed to the level beyond your own imagination. We offer a competitive remuneration package including commissions, incentives, allowances, free overseas trips and continuous training and excellent career growth opportunities. We provide in-depth training, resources and mentoring to help you achieve your aspirations.

These are some of the characteristics we look for:

  • Passionate. You are highly motivated and love the job of helping and caring for people.
  • Supportive. You stand by your company. You ensure clients receive only the best of you.
  • Professional. You put the customer’s interest first. You are full of integrity, independent and disciplined.
  • Reliable. You are fully committed to and take full responsibility of your work and word.

Successful candidates will be coached and guided by Alston Lau, an industry leader who has proven the success for more than two decades with his Top Group Life Planning System which is solid, practical and down-to-earth. As the pacesetter of the industry, we are always up to date and sensitive towards the never-ending evolution of the industry. All the latest and current issues will be addressed to ensure a greater edge over the others and more competitive.

Contact Alston Lau for an opportunity of a HIGHLY REWARDING & FULFILLING future. We sincerely believe that your success is ours as well.

A call to Alston Lau could be a turning point in your life!

Why Join Us?

Alston Lau is not just a name but has emerged as a brand in the estate planning industry. Having an experienced, highly qualified and caring mentor who always has your interest as the paramount consideration to coach, guide and lead will help you to reach your sustainable successes, faster.

Alston Lau, being a Practitioner himself who believes in hands-on, down-to-earth and no-nonsense approach will give you invaluable guidance and coaching you need to ensure your success.

We are uniquely top positioned in the industries we are in. Many years of spectacular results is solid proof that we have mastered the skills of holistic and integrated estate planning and effective multi-tasking.

We adhere to very high standards of ethics. Our values are highly recognized and respected. We are regarded as the most trustworthy professionals that people entrust with confidence and certainty.

We have a system of success and standard of operation that others can only admire.
We are totally committed to our causes. We are relentless and diligent in the execution of our duties. We have earned numerous praises from our clients as proven by the fact that we have endless referrals from our satisfied clients. Many wish they had known Alston Lau earlier.



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Top Group 创业咖啡馆

“A cup of coffee and you instantly get the energy to kick-start your day!” “Coffee” business opportunity talk host by Top Group Life Planning. Our successful Business owners talk on the businesses and the latest happenings, product, process. Besides, the talk will feature tips on strategic business planning to solutions from the guests’ point of view on issues/problems.

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