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About Will & Trust - Rockwills Life & Estate Planning Provider


Imagine when you’re no longer here, would your loved ones have received the best of your legacy?

Imagine your life’s worth and time well spent here has ensured your family’s security when you are no longer alive, only to leave your assets to a stranger and the law to decide who gets what…..
Life is unpredictable. Death is inevitable.

Every day, sudden illnesses or accidents take place. Some say that we are only “temporary residents” here in this world. Do we want to plan and protect our lives’ hard work and assets for our loved ones to be proud of and enjoy? Or do we want to leave it to chance to sort everything out by itself?

Will and Estate Planning is for anyone who cares enough to plan for the inevitable; it is not only for the wealthy. It is extremely important, reasonable and affordable. The simplest way to ensure that your assets will be distributed after your death according to your wishes is to prepare a Will.

Did you know that if you passed on without a Will,

  • Your estate will be distributed accordingly to the strict Malaysian Law (the Distribution Act 1958) and not as you had wished. Your loved ones may encounter unnecessary disputes and financial hardship during the time when they are most vulnerable.
  • An Administrator needs to be appointed to manage your estate and distribute them according to the Law. Some other beneficiaries must renounce their right to be the Administrator and this itself may cause disputes and disagreement. A Letter of Administration (LA) is then required. The Administrator may not be the person of your choice.
  • The result – costly delays in the administration of your estate as the application for LA is a long process due to:
    • There may be difficulties in deciding on the appointment of the administrators as beneficiaries may not agree to the choice. This may result in a long legal tussle.
    • An Administration Bond must be provided by two sureties.
    • Risk of abscondment and erosion of estate value
    • No provision for certain group of people such as life partner without marriage registration, children born out of wedlock, aged relatives and many others.

With Alston Lau, your best Interest is of paramount consideration. We will study your situation and advise accordingly. We sincerely care for your plans and future.

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