When to update your Will?


As people and situation change constantly, it is crucial for us to review our Wills regularly to ensure our wishes are properly reflected and updated. This is vital as an outdated Will may sometimes cause more harm. As such, we would like to invite you to check if any of the following events has occurred since you last wrote your Will;-

  • Acquisition of foreign assets – overseas movable & immovable properties and business?
  • Substantial increase of wealth – started new business and investment, purchased new properties?
  • Additional new family member – new born child, marriage?
  • Intention to change your beneficiaries?
  • Change of your executor’s / guardian’s status – migration, death, relationship breakdown, incapacity, change of religion, bankruptcy?
  • Change of your marital status – married, divorce, loss of partner?
  • Change of your witness status – migration, death, relationship breakdown, incapacity?
  • Intention to do Charity through your Will – leaving behind a legacy to benefit more for charitable causes?

While there may be a million and more one reasons to update your estate plan, you should always know the law before changing your wishes. Simply contact 019-326 4243 (Alston Lau) for FREE consultation and review!