Ex-Wife and His Family Fighting for the Custody of the Children

The ex-wife of the late businessman has been accused of taking grandchildren away from the grandparents and did not allow them to visit the children. Both parties are now fighting for the custody of the children.

According to Express Daily News, the CEO and successor to family-owned business TYT Marketing, Mr. Albert Tan, was found unconscious in his hotel room in Macau while on a business trip. He was taken to the St. Mary Hospital, but died soon after. According to the report, Albert and his ex-wife, Ms. Catherine, divorced few years back. Since the divorce, the children were taken care of by Albert’s family. Albert’s younger brother had told Express Daily News that his former sister-in-law had taken the 2 children and did not allow visits from paternal side. “Two kids have all along been staying with us.

However, ever since she picked up the children after school, we have lost contact and the grandparent could not see them.” Said younger brother of Albert. He also mentioned that Ms. Catherine had relocated her 8-year-old nephew from one primary school to another primary school. The younger brother of Albert had later confronted Ms. Catherine, but she was not willing to compromise. The younger brother of Albert said: “she is irresponsible, and did not even visit the children for the past few months and now let her children sleep in the living room.” They will fight for custody of the children at Family court at the end of the May 2011.

However, according to Ms. Catherine, she said she has the capability to take care of the children. She mentioned to Express Daily News that she is staying in a 3-room flat, and they are sleeping in the bedroom, not living room. “The family related authority even did a spot check and realised there was no issue with the living conditions.” She added. Ms. Catherine mentioned that her children and she are in a very good relationship. The children are able to grow up in a better environment being taken care of by their mother. She hopes to have a peaceful discussion but they are not willing to.

Do you know that when divorcee passes away, in usual case, the ex-spouse, being the biological parent of the child, will be the legal guardian? If there was a Will properly written, the divorcee can appoint someone he or she trusts to be the joint-guardian with the ex-spouse. There are also many other ways to prevent the ex-spouse from tapping into the assets if proper estate planning is done.